abt given a lesson by Turkeys

Senior Team

Turkeys gave a-bot-team a lesson in finishing at Turkeys Stadium this evening firing home five goals without reply in to an emphatic 5-0 home win.

League Turkeys – a-bot-team 5-0

Despite having the lion’s share of possession, abt were incapable of finding a way through the Turkeys defence, and went down to two first half and three second half strikes.
League V.230
Turning to the performance in general he said, “It’s frustrating and disappointing that we lacked the guile to create an opening, and that’s clearly something we’ve got to work at”.

“Turkeys were very strong in defence and they worked very hard. They were happy to let us knock the ball around and hit us on the break, but we lacked an incisive cutting edge, and that’s where we’ve fallen down”.

He continued, “We’ll have to change the tactic and the line-up a bit before we go into the next game, on Sunday at home to Turkeys” .

Youth Academy

Anthony Riddle gave the visitors a 0-1 lead after 44 minutes with a superb strike from the right. StrChild evened the score thanks to a confidently taken penalty by Aldo Pedone.
Riddle it was that made it 1-2 for the visitors, out wide on the left, where he found himself unchallenged and able to receive a fine through pass. The keeper came out to narrow the angle but not quick enough to cut the attacker off completely as he slotted the ball past him into the back of the net.
Giampaolo De Geronimo cleverly connected well to a pass from the right leveling things off again 3 minutes from time. 2-2 being the final result.


abt´s reserves travel to ZoomBy from the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) for another international away friendy.
That will be the 26th away flag collected so far.

We are hoping for a return match as soon as possible.


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