Wrong tactic

Senior Team

Malcolm Warren´s tactical change in the second-half possibly cost the club two valuable point.

League a-bot-team – warstock warriors 3-3
a-bot-team went two down after twenty-three minutes only to see Glenn Munn-Giddings pull one back seven minutes before the break.


Luka Burns leveled things off before Goatsemodime Magolego fired in from an acute angle to give the home side a 3-2 lead.

Coach Malcolm Warren then made the mistake of the match by substituting himself and bringing on youngster Stephen Kealey in his standard postion, as center forward.

“I didn´t want to make the same mistake as last week and stay on too long and not have enough power at the end”, admitted Warren, “but maybe I should have tried to hold on to the result instead of throwing in another forward”.

The visitors levelled the score at 3-3 as László Presser struck home from a rebound off the crossbar.

Warren said afterwards, “That was a match we dominated and should have won”.

Youth Academy

a-bot-youth-team are back on tracks, winning again after two consecutive defeats.

After Art Smallridge scored early on in the game, the lads always looked like they were determined to win this match. Every time the visitors, either equalised, (1-1), or pulled one back, (3-2), abyt always had an answer and netted two, both times.
Lyle MacDonald and Calvin Tonge the scorers making it 2-1 and 3-1 and Abel Akpom and Vasilis Bushaway increasing the lead to 4-2 and 5-2.
As the visitor made it 5-3, quarter of an hour from the end, the lads had already changed down two gears andwere happy with the result as it was.


a-bot-team´s reserves went down 1-3 to our French visitors in this first of two matches against les westies.
Although the team created more chance than les westies they could seem to get in the final pass or shot only to see the French netting three of their four opportunities.
Stephen Kealey scoring the only goal for the home side.

Stephen Kealey
Stephen Kealey

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