Historic High

Senior Team

A new club record was achieved last night, as a-bot-team stormed into the Hattrick English Cup Third Round, for the first time, with a 8-0 demolition of Teddington Lightenings.

Cup a-bot-team – Teddington Lightenings 8-0
Olivier Moreau had fired a-bot-team into the lead with twenty-four minutes played, before Glenn Munn-Giddings, Scott Hardiman, John Martin and Luka Burns all scored one each within five minutes, between the thirty-second and the thirty-seventh minute.

Although the game was long won, a-bot-team kept going forward and goals from Stephen Kealey, Scott Hardiman´s second of the day and Anton Carter brought the score to 8-0.

“We played well”, said Malcolm Warren afterwards, “We bossed the game from start to finish, and our passing and finishing were first-rate”.

Looking forward to Sunday’s first league match at home against HF EVO CITY he said, “Although we were not put under any pressure and maintained complete control, the match was a good workout for our lads ahead of the match at the weekend”.


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