Trainings Camp/ Youth

Senior Team

After winning the championship a-bot-team played their first of four test matches at home to Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano F.C. from Palestine followed by one of three away games by F.C. JU29RO in Cape Verde.

Friendly a-bot-team – Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano F.C. 4-3
It looked like the after season party was to much for them, abt went 0-3 down within twelve minutes. Coach Warren was furious and he let the eleven players on the field know it. abt pulled two back before the break, Lucas Hoyland and John Martin the scorers.
Newly promoted Stephen Kealey reopened the scoring in the second-half, levelling things off. Anton Carter scored the winner three minutes later.

Friendly F.C. JU29RO – a-bot-team 8-0
Five days later a-bot-team was taken apart by F.C. JU29RO in Cape Verde.
“Out of the question the worst performance of the season” said Warren, “Things can only get better.”

Two more matches have been arranged, 21-09-2016 the return match in Palistine against Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano F.C. and 24-09-2016 another away match in Angola with Savanah.

Youth Academy

In the mean-time, back at home, the new youth season has started.
a-bot-youth-team won their first game 5-2. It was a very balanced match, abyt used the chances they had and keeper Jeffrey Hogan made some brilliant saves, keeping the Little Knights from Trinidad & Tobago at bay.


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