Malcolm Warren is new Player/Coach

As a result of this seasons disappointing result which saw the club slide down the league table, a board meeting was hastily convened at Nobodys Stadium after Tuesday nights training match, 0-2 defeat to SkylineFm.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning the following statement was read out by the Chairman:

“Following the recent downturn in fortunes for the club, the Board of Directors have decided unanimously that regrettably Logan Woodhall will be leaving his position as Coach of the first team. We wish to thank him for his dedication and hard work as coach.

The Board has also decided to appoint Malcolm Warren as the team’s new player/coach. Changing coaches is always a hard decision to make, however we are certain that now is the right time to do so, and give the whole team a boost. Difficult times may lay ahead for the club, but as a Board, we are convinced that Malcolm is the right man to lead the team to new heights”.


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