Cup run ends in round one.

Cup a-bot-team – VILLEMANOCHE FC 2-4

a-bot-team´s cup run came to an abrupt halt this evening despite a 2-1 half-time lead when they were beaten by VILLEMANOCHE FC 4-2.

大輝 堀内(Daiki Horiuchi) put the visitors one up only to see the home side 2-1 ahead at half-time thanks to strikes from Olivier Moreau and Luka Burns.

The crowd was silenced two minutes after the break when MANOCHE drew level as Guido De Silvestri scored.
The visitors took the lead after 62 minutes making the score 2-3, Miguel Donella placed the ball just out of reach for the home side’s keeper.
a-bot-team now attacked with everthing they had, and were punished by a brilliant counterattacking goal from Kenny Troelsen.

A little disappointed after the 2-4 defeat, coach Woodhall said,

“We were up against a quality side today, and while I don’t think the winning margin was an accurate reflection of the game, there’s no denying that they were worth their win”.


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