Record win.

League a-bot-team – Chelsea FC reserves 12-0

The clouds hung over Nobodys Stadium late yesterday afternoon but it didn´t stop the true fans turning up to see the match against Chelsea FC reserves.

After finishing 2nd last season Chelsea FC reserves have played that badly that the owner m1nde gave up, making them the third “Bot” team in league VI.70.  With that in mind the fans were expecting a goal feast, and that is exactly what they got.

a-bot-team scored twice in the first twenty minutes. (Steve Ramsay 12′ Alan Gold-Spink 20′) FC reserves’s Fab Pakiam was shown a yellow card after 21 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Ozzy Hoboken was the unlucky victim and couldn’t continue the game, Andy Schafer replaced him.
Visitors keeper Timothy Watkins had to get the ball from the back of the net three more times in the first-half. Ryurik Izmestiev, Andy Schafer and Glenn Munn-Giddings making the half-time score 5-0.

The Chelsea FC reserves´s three man almost non-existent defence were taken apart in the second-half as a-bot-team scored another seven times.

From the corner flag, Alan Gold-Spink somehow managed to get a perfect pass into the middle, making it impossible for Luka Burns to miss, for 6-0.
Darren Barnes (62′) dribbled the ball through the opposing central defence and scored to make it 7-0. A speedy charge from the left side of the field increased the lead of abt to 8-0 as Alan Gold-Spink got his second of the day from an acute angle. Cheers filled the stadium as Steve Ramsay broke through the visitors’ central defence to put away the ball to increase the lead to 9-0.
The tenth goal looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but Darren Barnes claiming it! After 72 minutes, Andy Schafer swiftly ran past Adam Hinchliffe and nutmegged the keeper! Also his second goal, 11-0. John Martin put the topping on the cake after 77 minutes making the final score 12-0.

History was made today, that 12-0 win is a new club record, two goals higher than the previous high-score record.


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