Came from behind.

League a-bot-team – Kenniesheros 2-1

a-bot-team secured their second place in the league with an excellent 2-1 win over Kenniesheros at Nobodys Stadium yesterday.

Jaakko Ojalainen suddenly found himself completely free after a great move down the left making it 0-1 for the visitors.

abt seemed to have problems creating chances in the first 45 minutes, so coach Woodhall pulled center-forward, Olivier Moreau, back into midfield hoping to take contoll of the center of the park.
Ozzy Hoboken´s corner kick saw the visitors keeper drop the ball striaght at the feet of Olaf Batz, giving abt’s defender an easy chance to knock it in for 1 – 1.
76 minutes into the match and the home team took a 2-1 lead after breaking through on the left. The scorer for abt was John Martin.

“It was a very good performance from the lads”, said the coach at the post-match press conference. “We controlled the game and maintained 64 percent of possession”.

He continued,”The more possession we have, the less chance of Kenniesheros creating chances”.

Elsewhere yesterday, league leaders Broadwood FC, continued their run in the league, twelve matches unbeaten, winning 4-1 away to Stu Sinclairs Beard. Unionist AFC moved into third place beating “Bot” side, Chelsea FC reserves, 5-1.


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