Back on track.

League a-bot-team – Stu Sinclairs Beard 4-1

After loosing the first two home matches of the season “a-bot-team” is now back on track, winning yesterdays league game, their second in a row.

In front of the third full-house in a row, the team went one down after only four minutes, Sinclairs forward Xaver Iodice, took advantage of what turn out to be the only goal scoring chance for the visitors.

Coach Woodhall was furious about the way the defence reacted, letting then know how annoyed he was. His mood cheered up as Ozzy Hoboken equalised nine minute later and was over the moon as Alan Gold-Spink´s chip from the middle of the penalty box found its way over the visitors’ keeper to make the score 2 – 1 to abt.

After the break, Olaf Batz (56’min) increased the lead from an acute angle and Glenn Munn-Giddings extend their lead to 4 – 1 with a fine shot in the 73′ minute.

While happy with the three points Woodhall was less happy with his side’s defending. “We were very sloppy  early on and were punished for it”, he said. “We can’t afford to make mistakes like that at the back and it’s a point I’ve been impressing upon the players.”


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