New signings.

League Chelsea FC reserves – a-bot-team 0-8

All three, newly bought defenders, Manfred Tegland, Olaf Batz, Ryurik Izmestiev and new forward, Olivier Moreau played in this weeks league/training match away to BOT team Chelsea FC reserves, 0-8.

Only Franciszek Jarząbski, the new keeper, had to wait for his first game for the new club.
“Franciszek will be playing in this weeks friendly match, at home to Fc Houdänäbe from Barbados.” coach Woodhall continued, “Sunday´s league match, another BOT team, is not the ideal match to start. I don´t think he would have much to do against a BOT team”

Ryurik Izmestiev, Olivier Moreau and Manfred Tegland all scored on their debut for the club.
Bad new for Manfred Tegland though, he twisting his ankle in the 66′ min and the teams Medical Department said they think he will need at least two week rehab.


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